Selected Timeline of Projects

Copier LCD Panel UI Design Tool

Technical supervision of the development of a UI design tool. The tool improvement in efficiency of the UI design and implementation process. The previous tool was Trillium, from Xerox PARC. 

Browser Based
System Management

Java Management API (JMAPI). Browser based framework for building system and network management tools. I presented a paper on JMAPI at BCS HCI '96.

Solaris Management Console 2000

Solaris Management Console was a Java Swing based application. I was the lead designer on the console. Other colleagues at Sun worked on the tools. The console was a bit like a browser. The tools were like applets. You could create a hierarchical view of tools that came from multiple different servers.

GNOME 2003

I worked on GNOME, both from a UX perspective and a system integration one. It was a bit of a culture shock integrating fast moving open source software into a stable enterprise Unix platform, but we did it. I also presented of an overview Sun's Architecture review process Guadec 2002 in Seville.

Solaris Container Manager 2005

Designed Solaris Container Manager UX. Originally containers were used to divvy up the resources of big machines - similar to VMs today. Jointly filed patent: "Method and apparatus for managing system resources using a container model".

High Availability Clustering

Sun Cluster. If a node fails in the cluster, application or zones (containers are called zones on Solaris) running on that node are restarted on other nodes in the cluster. There was also a disaster recovery option, where the application could be restarted on a different cluster in another location.

VPN PC Client

In 2010 we attempted to re-imagine how a simpler VPN client might work. The design hypothesis was that all that users cared about was connecting to work or the internet. A paper based on the design was presented at CHIMIT 2010. 

Information Architecture 2015

At Cisco I developed a conceptual model to aid in the develeopment of a suite of management applications for service provider and enterprise customers.

vSphere 2017

At VMware, I was responsible for vSphere high availability and vCenter high availability and vCenter install, upgrade and migration.